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Scientific & technical experience

Dominic Moore / Lydia Atia

Specialist Pharmacists have worked in Pharmacy for 3 years.

Each pharmacist is allocated a number of wards in a speciality. The ward pharmacist then clinically reviews each patient's drug card to ensure the safe and appropriate use of medication. The ward pharmacist is also available to answer any medication enquires from other healthcare professionals.

They enjoy being a part of a multidisciplinary team that ensures patients receive the most clinically appropriate & cost effective treatment. This includes interacting with patients, providing information to them about their medication and answering any queries they have.

The Pharmacy Department is highly proactive on the wards and are highly valued amongst other healthcare professionals within the Trust for pharmaceutical expertise.

Derby’s Pharmacy Department is always willing to try new ways of working such as decentralised dispensing, a full 24 hours CIVAS (Intravenous Additive Preparation) service for both primary and secondary care, ward based medicines management technicians and 24-hour shift working pharmacist cover.