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Nurse experience

Amy Cooper, Staff nurse - Ward 407

As a newly-qualified staff nurse I was welcomed into Derby Hospitals Trust by a supportive team of colleagues from clinical facilitators to doctors, all of whom share the same aim: to improve the service we deliver to patients.

I have been able to expand and develop my skills through working with patients with a variety of renal needs including gaining acute skills in the renal high dependency unit. My continuing professional development has been enhanced by working through competency packages, collaboration with the wider renal care team and the opportunity to study for a graduate certificate in renal nursing.

I love the challenges of working in an acute setting, and building relationships with patients and their families. There is nothing better than going home after a shift feeling that you have “made a difference”, whether that’s in an emergency situation or supporting a dying patient’s family.

It's a privilege to work in a Trust, and with a team of professionals, for whom quality and excellence is a priority. Every day brings new challenges but I get immense satisfaction from knowing that we have the resources and professionals available to give people the best care possible.

Vir Advincula, Charge nurse - Ward 403

"The rewards I get in nursing are countless!"

I’ve been nursing for more than ten years in a high-dependency unit and everyday I am faced with yet another challenge. It may be a little lady with a tracheostomy, a frail gentleman with a chest drain who is finding it difficult to breathe, or a young chap who has recently had a head injury and is paralysed.

These people’s journeys are ones of endurance, fortitude, and hope. And as a nurse, you are there to help them make it through. That "little joy" when they utter the first word, or make the first step, or even have the first sip of water, is the affirmation that "Yes! I’ve done my best!"

Nurse smiling

Hannah Casey, Registered nurse

I came to work for Derby Hospitals at just 17 years old. Nursing was always a career I wished to fulfil and it was when I went to a jobs fair in Derby I was given the encouragement to start my career and I worked for one year as a health care assistant in medicine.

During this year I met some inspirational people and with my experience and the support I had been offered I went on to complete an Advanced Diploma in Nursing. Some nurses I trained with went to work for other trusts however; I did not even consider it! Therefore when I got my first post as a registered nurse in Derby I could not have been happier. 

I thoroughly enjoy my job nursing elderly people in medical directorate as there is a lot of variety and I encounter caring for patients with so many different health conditions. I try to make every patients stay in hospital as comfortable as possible by communicating well, acting professionally and maintaining a positive attitude. I work both independently and as part of the multidisciplinary team and together we facilitate high standards of care to our patients and their families and promote independence.

Although nursing is challenging at times the rewards outweigh tribulations. I am proud to be a nurse and hope to continue to progress in my career.

Jane Moreland, Sister - Ward 407

 I joined the nursing profession to care for patients to the best of my ability and working for Derby Hospitals Trust has certainly exceeded my expectations. There are many words I could to use to describe my experiences working on a medical HDU; it is highly rewarding, diverse, exciting and challenging.

I have had the opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills with help and continued support from all members of the multidisciplinary team who are dedicated to improving the quality of care we deliver to our patients.

There are many training and development opportunities and I have completed various competency packages, courses and a critical care degree pathway which have all enhanced my learning and my confidence in caring for acutely unwell patients.

I get immense job satisfaction and I feel very proud to work on the ward and in HDU along side my colleagues, making a difference to patients and their families.