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Allied Healthcare Professionals experience

Gill Sweetin
Senior Radiographer

Has been working in X-ray for 10 and a half years

Our job includes producing X-ray films for GP Patients, Outpatients, Accident and Emergency and In-Patients. We take x-rays either in the X-ray Department or up on the wards with a mobile X-ray machine for very poorly patients.  We also undertake Fluoroscopy examinations (moving X-rays) using X-ray dye such as Barium.  We also take portable Fluoroscopy machines into Theatre to assist with operations.  

More senior Radiographers also rotate through the CT Scanning department undertaking cross-sectional X-ray images.  The majority of this work is required 24 hours a day hence we participate in a shift system.

We are an extremely close team in X-ray which makes our department a nice place to be and we recently won the Midlands X-ray team of the year award.  It is also an extremely rewarding job as we are often an essential part of the diagnosis and therefore prompt treatment of a patient's complaint.  I particularly enjoy the challenge of gaining a patients trust and therefore essential co-operation in the very limited amount of time that we have for each examination, particularly in the Emergency setting.

The building of the new hospital has led to an increase in our trauma, orthopaedic and spinal work giving a range of invaluable experience for Radiographers and other staff entering the trust