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Technical Specification

Component Minimum Recommended

Internet Browser

Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 7+

Media Players

Adobe Flash Player v8

Adobe Flash Player v10+

Screen Resolution



Broadband Connection



Frequently Asked Questions

Question Response

What is the minimum technical speciation required to launch Trust based e-Learning Content?

See the technical specification section.


Can I use the Firefox Web browser?

At present only Microsoft Internet Explorer browser version 6 and above is supported.


Can I access e-Learning modules from home?

Yes any PC which meets the Minimum technical specification and has a broadband connection can access the Learning Management System (LMS) and e-Learning content.


Why does the e-Learning content slow down within the Trust during the hours of 12 and 2pm?

Due to the limitations of the National N3 Network all Internet traffic slows down between the hours of 12 and 2pm.


Who do I contact regarding the access, production or purchasing of e-Learning content?

Please contact Chris Elkin on ext 86016.


I have completed work related e-Learning modules on other external websites. How do I get accredited for these?

Keep electronic records of your achievements. These records can be attached to your Personal Development Plan (PDP) within E-KSF.


I have a specific question based upon the content of the e-Learning module. Whom do I contact?

See the course catalogue for contact details.