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Statistics & Data Management

Statistics & Data Management

The Statistics and Data Management Team, located in Rehabilitation Medicine area (Level 2) at the Royal Derby Hospital, provide statistical services to all Trust employees wishing to undertake Trust sponsored and initiated research as well as to external investigators.

 It is most important that researchers seek guidance at the outset of their research, as this should ensure that the study will be designed in an appropriate way and the correct data collected to answer the question of interest.

We can provide statistical support and guidance in terms of the following: 

1)    In the development of a project

  • Attending research meetings for designing new studies and advise the research teams on any statistical aspects.

  • Provide advice on the appropriate study design and statistical methods for a research project.

  • Carry out a sample size/power calculation to determine the required number of patients needed for the study.

  • Provide advice about the appropriate randomisation method.

  • Help in identifying suitable funding for the research project and assist with the development of a funding application.  


2)    After approval

  • Setting up the randomisation process if required.

  • Full statistical analysis and reports of the results.
  • Reviewing and advising for submitting a statistically correct paper ready for publication.


We can provide data management support and guidance in terms of the following:

  •  Advice on how to collect the study data.

  • Setting up and validating any required research database.

  • Managing, cleaning and locking the database ready for statistical analysis.


Information for Audit and Service Evaluation

The medical statisticians are not providing help and advice to individuals undertaking audit or service evaluation.