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Research Clinical Librarian

Clinical Librarian

The clinical librarian is based in the Research and Development Department for assisting investigators with systematic literature reviews as well as with literature search of on-going and active studies.

The research clinical librarian should be contacted as soon as an investigator has an idea for a research project or following the publication of the study results. The research clinical librarian can provide the following services: 

  • Assist with the development and registration of systematic literature review protocol.

  • Search national and international databases for on-going and active studies.

  • Help with the development of data collection form for systematic review.

  • Assist in formulation and execute the search strategy.

  • Identify appropriate funding for systematic literature review.

  • Support investigators applying for funding for systematic literature reviews.

  • Updating systematic review during the conduction of the study.

  • Assistance in preparing the systematic review results for publication.