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Research Governance

Research Governance

Research Governance is essential to ensure that the public can have confidence in, and benefit from, quality research in health and social care.  Proper governance should ensure, high quality scientific research, ethical and financial standards, transparent decision-making processes, clear allocation of responsibilities and robust monitoring arrangements (Research Governance Framework).

In March 2001 (updated April 2005) The Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care document was issued. In this document:

  • Standards are set for quality research.

  • Mechanisms are defined to deliver those standards.

  • Monitoring and assessment arrangements are described.

Research Governance is required by the Department of Health for everyone involved in undertaking research on NHS premises using NHS resources and is governed by legislation and regulation. It encompasses established standards of good practice from recognised international and national authorities and professional organisations. 

The Governance Team work with investigators and all relevant stakeholders with respect to study set-up:

  • Identifying the needs of researchers to ensure that they meet all the responsibilities imposed by The Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trial) Regulations 2004 and Amendments and all UK legislation and guidance related to clinical research

  • Liaise with any external partners in order to facilitate study set-up, and liaise with internal departments (such as support services)

  • Set-up and review of any relevant agreements/contracts related to roles& responsibilities and financial arrangements with associated departments/institute