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Clinical Trials Nurses

The Clinical Trials Nurses (CTNs) are an expert team of qualified nurses with a vast background of experience in areas such as intensive therapy unit (ITU), surgery, medicine, emergency department (ED), paediatrics, neonates, cancer and many other areas. The team members cover a variety of disease areas for adult, paediatric & neonatal clinical research trials currently adopted on the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) portfolio and commercially sponsored studies.

Clinical Trial Nurses can help / contribute to the research activity by:

Ensuring that research continues to grow and develop and is conducted to a high standard, safely in accordance with ICH/GCP, the CTNs:

  • Promote and raise awareness of the research process, and its impact on the health service.

  • Assist with the research approval process and submission to research and development department.

  • Together with the principle investigators identify, screen, enrol and recruit patients into studies. They also provide specialised clinical support as required.

  • Assist in the set up and maintenance of site documentation (site files).

  • Continue to ensure high quality, safe research continues to grow within the Trust.

  • Provide research advice and support.

  • Referring, recruiting & retaining patients in to research studies.

  • Complete Case Report Forms (CRF) / e-CRF’s.

  • Additional help and contribution can be provided to portfolio studies:

  1. Developing a balanced portfolio of commercial and non-commercial clinical studies.

  2. Increase the speed of ‘study set up’ and ‘final recruitment’. The first subject at a site should be recruited within 70 days of valid submission to R&D Department.

  3. Increase the accrual of subjects into studies, which should achieve their local accrual target by the planned close of recruitment.