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Gaining Confirmation of Participation

Please contact us as soon as possible with respect to gaining Confirmation of Participation at DHFT. You will be assigned a dedicated member of the DHFT R&D Department to take you through the process.

At the earliest opportunity we will discuss your study and its specific requirements.  

We will actively work with you for the full duration of your project to ensure that your study is set-up quickly and runs smoothly.

The R&D Department will process studies by two routes depending on the nature of the study:

  • NIHR Portfolio Adopted Studies

High-quality clinical research studies, that meet set criteria, may be eligible for consideration for support from the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) in England. Those studies that meet these criteria will be ‘adopted’ into the NIHR portfolio.

Studies that are adopted onto the NIHR CRN Portfolio have access to NHS infrastructure (includes NHS Service Support and Research Management and Governance Support) for research, training and enables access to local skilled research support staff (including Clinical Research Nurses).

Submission for NIHR Portfolio adoption should be done via completion of the Portfolio Adoption Form through IRAS

  • Non-Portfolio Studies

If the study is not eligible for adoption onto the NIHR Portfolio then it will require submission through the Trust R&D Department. To get guidance on the required documents for R&D submission please email the R&D Generic email.