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Confirmation of Participation

All research projects taking place at Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, involving patients, staff or their data, must be reviewed by the R&D Department as part of national legislation (Department of Health Research Governance Framework 2005and to ensure that we have the capacity and capability to deliver the project in line with Health Research Authority (HRA) guidance.  The Research Governance Framework ensures that research is conducted to a set of rigorous principles, standards, regulations and legislation ensuring best research practice with minimal risks.

Confirmation of participation is mandatory for all research studies – being essential to ensure good quality research as well as safeguarding patients, their information and researchers themselves.

The governance team from the R&D Department will work with you closely to ensure that your research proposal is processed as quickly as possible in order to issue confirmation of participation, whilst meeting the highest standards of patient safety and care.

Confirmation of participation will be sent to the study team via e mail. In line with the Department of Health’s “Plan for Growth” you should endeavour to recruit your first patient within 70 days from when all documents are received by R&D in order to assess the study. Regular communication with the R&D department will ensure you are aware of benchmarks.