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Applying for Sponsorship

Applying for Sponsorship

All projects must have a Research Sponsor as defined below (http://www.hra.nhs.uk/resources/before-you-apply/roles-and-responsibilties/sponsor/):

‘The sponsor is the individual, company, institution or organisation, which takes on ultimate responsibility for the initiation, management (or arranging the initiation and management) of and/or financing (or arranging the financing) for that research. The sponsor takes primary responsibility for ensuring that the design of the study meets appropriate standards and that arrangements are in place to ensure appropriate conduct and reporting’.

The Clinical Trials and Research Governance Team can guide you with respect to assigning a Sponsor for your study.

If you require DHFT to act as Sponsor for your study, then please complete this form and return to dhft.RandDadmin@nhs.net together with short summary of your proposal. Your request will be reviewed by the Sponsor Management Group who will confirm the Sponsorship in Principle.

If DHFT were to Sponsor your study, dependant on study type, a fee (to over the costs associated with Sponsorship) may be payable.