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Our aim is to deliver your research efficiently, accurately and in a timely manner.  In order to do this we set-up a feasibility meeting which will robustly assess the study with respect to set-up and running at DHFT, ensuring all relevant personnel attend: principal investigator, specialist research nurse, support services and research coordinator.

  • Robust and accurate trial feasibilities in order to determine numbers of eligible patients in collaboration with the Trust’s Information Systems Department, a clinician and a clinical trials nurse.
  • Streamlined negotiation and  sign off of agreements and budgets.
  • Transparent costing of trials offering value for money. 
    • We will work to ensure timely costing of a study and ensure transparency and value for money.
  • Streamlined Research Governance approvals
    • The Industry Team works towards achieving the NIHR 30 day target from valid research application to NHS permission.  Currently, 98% of all studies are approved within 30 days.
  • Recruitment to time and target – ensuring First Patient First Visit (FPFV) targets are met.
    • All studies are actively managed by the DHFT R&D Department therefore all challenges will be identified at the earliest opportunity.  In 2013-14, at DHFT, of the commercial studies that closed in that year, 100% recruited to time and target.
  • Active project management and study oversight:
    • Any challenges that arise during the study will be discussed immediately between the local study team and DHFT R&D Department, escalating to the Sponsor where relevant, in order to find a solution. 
    • Efficient tracking and invoicing of trials.
  • The DHFT Finance Officer will ensure a smooth and timely invoicing process.