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Using the NHS e-Referral Service

The Paper Switch-off Programme will roll out a national support programme to increase the utilisation of the e-Referral Service (e-RS) to 100% for all consultant-led first outpatient appointments.  

The programme has two key objectives: 

  1. Enabling provider Trusts to switch off all paper based referral processes. 
  2. Meeting the terms of the NHS Standard contract for e-RS by October 2018. 


This will be important to Trusts because, as of October 2018, providers…… “Need not accept (and will not be paid for any first outpatient attendance resulting from) Referrals by GPs to Consultant-led acute outpatient Services made other than through the NHS e-Referral Service”. 

Derby Exclusions

Burton Exclusions 

Please Note: In the event a request cannot be raised on the NHS e-Referral Service because of System/PDS issues, screenshots showing this are required and must be sent with the paper/emailed referral.