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Medicines Information and Helpline


As part of a national network of medicines information services in the UK (UKMi), the medicines information service at the Royal Derby Hospital supports the safe, effective and efficient use of medicines by providing evidence-based information and advice on their therapeutic use.

We provide an enquiry answering service on all aspects of drug therapy.

Who provides the service?

The medicines information centre is based at the Royal Derby Hospital, and is staffed by experienced clinical pharmacists with access to a wide range of reference texts, and databases.

We welcome calls from doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health-care professionals working within the Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust regarding all medicines-related issues. These may include queries involving dosing and administration, adverse effects, interactions, use in pregnancy and breast feeding, and many others.

We also provide support to our clinical pharmacy service, as well as the Trust’s Drugs and Therapeutics Group, for whom we may provide reviews / assessments of new products or horizon scanning for new medicines.

 Medicines Information and Helpline

 Helpline information can be found here