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9.4 Enteral feeds, modular products, thickners

Enteral Feeds

a) Standard feeds:

Nutrison Standard
Nutrison Energy
Nutrison Multifibre
Nutrison Energy Multifibre


b) Renal feeds:

Nutrison Concentrated Low Electrolyte


c) Gastro Feeds:

Elemental 028 Powder (unflavoured)
Elemental 028 Extra Powder (unflavoured)
Elemental 028 Extra Liquid


1. Medication should not be mixed with feeds prior to administration due to the possibility of drug / nutrient interactions.

2. Some drugs e.g. phenytoin have such a strong interaction that enteral feeding should be stopped two hours before feeding and should not recommence for two hours after feeding. For advice contact your clinical pharmacist or Drug Information (Ext 4812).

Modular Products
Duocal, SHS Flavour Modjul System
Super Soluble Maxijul, Metabolic Mineral Mix
Polycal liquid, Casila90


Nutilus: used for thickening fluids and foods, usually in dysphagic patients. A swallowing assessment by a Speech and Language Therapist is important to assess the texture required by the patient.Nutilus is gluten free.

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