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14.5 Immunoglobulins

Antitetanus immunoglobulin
Hepatitis B immunoglobulin
Normal immunoglobulin – Iqymune (first line), Octagam, Intratect
Varicella-Zoster immunoglobulin *
Anti-D (Rh0) immunoglobulin (from Blood Bank) - see NICE TA 156: 'Routine antenatal anti-D prophylaxis for women who are rhesus D negative'

* Varicella-Zoster immunoglobulin is only available following advice from the Consultant Microbiologist on call. If indicated, during working hours (9-5 pm) they will complete a pre-printed prescription for dispensing by the main pharmacy. Out of hours the microbiologist will liaise with pharmacy regarding a supply.

Hepatitis B immunoglobulin does not require microbiologist approval, but they may be contacted for advice on clinical need. A completed proforma is needed for a supply (available on Flo). 

These pro-forma are a requirement of NHS England.


The Department of Health have produced evidence-based clinical guidelines for the appropriate use of intravenous immunoglobulin available through this link.


For the link to the BNF section: 14.5 Immunoglobulins