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13.11 Disinfectants and cleansers

Chlorhexidine gluconate sachets, solution, alcoholic solution (See note), obstetric cream
Chlorhexidine with cetrimide solution
Povidone-iodine dry powder spray, onitment, skin cleanser solution, antiseptic paint, surgical
scrub, alcoholic solution
Hexachlorophene (Ster-Zac powder)
Sodium chloride 0.9% sachets

Note for alcoholic solution

See MHRA Drug Safety Update June 2014 and Drug Safety Update November 2014 for information on risk of chemical burn injury to skin in premature infants 


13.11.6 Astringents, oxidisers and dyes

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis water)
Hydrogen peroxide solution - see note
Potassium permanganate tablets, solution - see note

1. Risk of death and serious harm from accidental ingestion of potassium permanganate preparations

A Patient Safety Alert warns of the risk of death or serious harm from accidental ingestion of potassium permanganate, following the report of a fatal case to NHS England. The four listed actions should be taken and completed by all providers of NHS care by 22 Jan 2015.

2. Hydrogen peroxide – risk of gas embolism when used in surgery; do not use in closed body cavities or on deep or large wounds. Link to Drug Safety Update Dec 2014

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