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1.9 Drugs affecting intestinal secretions

1.9.1 Drugs acting on the gall bladder

Ursodeoxycholic acid capsules, suspension

1.9.4 Pancreatin  

Creon 10,000 capsules
Creon 25,000 capsules
Creon granules (sachets)
Pancrex  granules
Pancrex V 125mg capsules
Pancrex V capsules
Pancrex V Forte tablets
Pancrex V tablets
Pancrex V Powder


1. An association has been noted between the use of high strength pancreatin preparations and the development of large bowel strictures in children with CF.  Creon 25,000 has not been associated with this problems. 

2. It is important to ensure adequate hydration at all times in patients receiving high strength pancreatin preparations.

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