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1.4 Antidiarrhoeal drugs

Codeine Phosphate tablets
Loperamide capsules, syrup

The bulk forming laxatives listed below in Section 1.6.1 may be used reconstituted with minimum fluid volume to control diarrhoea and also to provide ileostomy and colostomy control.

The use of high doses of loperamide (above the licensed maximum dose) may be warranted in patients who require pharmacological intervention to reduce high-volume stoma output (UKMI article

Serious cardiovascular events (such as QT prolongation, torsades de pointes, and cardiac arrest), including fatalities, have been reported in association with large overdoses of loperamide (up to 800mg daily). Doses ranging from 40mg-80mg daily have been associated with QT prolongation and torsade de pointes. See MHRA update for further information. 

1.4.1   Bile salt acid malabsorption induced diarrhoea

Colesevelem –  2nd line for chronic diarrhoea secondary to bile salt malabsorption in those who cannot tolerate colestyramine
Aluminium hydroxide

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