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Test and sample information

This is a searchable database of information about tests offered by Pathology at the Royal Derby Hospital. 

If there are any comments on specific test content please contact john.monaghan@nhs.net .

For further patient information on pathology tests please visit: www.labtestsonline.org.uk

TestSampleSample containerVolume requiredDiscipline
CarnitineBloodVacutainer / Green / Lithium Heparin1mLBiochemistry
Catecholamines (Noradrenaline,...Urine24h urine / Container with acid24hr sample containerBiochemistry
CEABloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5 mLBiochemistry
Centromere Ab'sBloodVacutainer / Gold / SST6 mlsImmunology
Cervical cytologyLiquid Based Cytology (LBC) � Cervical...ThinPrep LBC sample pot20ml supplied fixativeCytology
CH50, CH100, AP100 (haemolytic...BloodVacutainer / Gold / SST6 mlsImmunology
Chlamydia (Eye)Specific PCR SwabCobas PCR media (yellow top).Not applicableMicrobiology
Chlamydia (Genital)Specific PCR SwabCobas PCR media (yellow top).Not applicableMicrobiology
Chlamydia (rectal)SwabCobas PCR media (yellow top) Microbiology
Chlamydia (urine)UrineCobas PCR media yellow topSee instructions on containerMicrobiology
ChlorideBloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5 mLBiochemistry
CholesterolBloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5 mLBiochemistry
Cholinesterase (serum)BloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5 mLBiochemistry
Chromogranin ABloodVacutainer / Red / Serum2mLBiochemistry
Chromosome analysisBlood 5mlHaematology
CMV IgM and IgGBloodVacutainer / Red / Serum8 mlMicrobiology
CMV viral loadEDTAVacutainer / Purple / Plasma8 mlMicrobiology
Coagulation screenBloodVacutainer / Light Blue / Sodium...2.7 mlsHaematology
Coeliac Serology  5mlBiochemistry
Complement Breakdown Product C3dBloodVacutainer / Lavender / EDTA4 mlsImmunology
Last modified: 16/08/2018