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Changes in NRBC Reference Range

Nucleated red blood cells are not normally seen in the peripheral blood beyond the neonatal period. Their appearance in peripheral blood of children and adults signifies bone marrow damage or stress and potentially serious underlying disease. Previously reference range for NRBC was 0-0% and absolute NRBC count 0-0 10^9/L, however when we examined 50 blood films with NRBC count between 0-0.5% and absolute count 0-0.05 no NRBC's were present on the blood film. 
Therefore reference ranges for NRBC was changed to: 
Nucleated Red Blood cells: 0-0.5%
Absolute Nucleated RBC Count: 0-0.05 10^9/L
Every patient exceeding this reference range will have blood film examined on the first occasion or if count changed significantly.

Removal of RhF from Routine Testing

For more information regarding changes to Rheumatoid Factor requesting from 30th October 2017, click here

HbA1c Units

The dual reporting of HbA1c in both %(DCCT) and mmol/mol (IFCC traceable) units will cease from 10th July 2017 in line with national guidance. From this date HbA1c results will be reported in mmol/mol only.  A conversion table is available below.

HbA1c Result Conversion Table

Pathology News

To help all of our service users stay up to date with news from Pathology, we have created a newsletter. To access the first edition click here.

Changes to Cortisol ranges

Method for cortisol is changing which show a decrease of approximately 25%. For more information see below.


Updated Coagulation Reference Ranges

Recent updates in our coagulation methodology will mean that as of 30th Sept 2015, there will be small changes to some specialist coagulation test result reference ranges. All updates will be reflected in your result reporting systems.

For more information click here. 

Biotin interference

Recent published articles have shown that therapeutic biotin replacement may cause interference with our immunoassay technology testing. If results are un-expected and patient on biotin therapy, suggest discussion with laboratory for further advice.


From the 4th May 2015, there will be changes to our creatinine assay. Please see the document below for details.


Recent changes reduce the need for fasting blood tests. For more information please see the document below

Fasting blood tests

We are changing the tests in the lipid profiles on Monday 20 April 2015, for more information please see the document below.

Changes to lipid profiles