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Service Aims and Quality

Pathology at the Royal Derby Hospital is a high quality, comprehensive clinical laboratory service for the diagnosis and management of disease. The service is available to all clinicians within Derby Hospitals and the local community. We also provide pathology services to neighbouring hospitals and primary care communities. The service is accredited with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) ensuring a high quality service is being delivered. 
The comprehensive analytical and advisory service covers all aspects of Pathology and includes research, development, audit and teaching.

Quality Statement and Standards

Every effort is taken to ensure an accurate result is issued promptly to the correct sources.

To ensure the highest quality service all departments participate in the relevant external quality assurance schemes that are available. Rigorous internal quality control checks are regularly. Derby Pathology supports the quality initiative of the Acute Hospitals Trust centred upon "Continuing Quality Improvement".

If you have any problems regarding the quality of the service you receive, please contact the Pathology Quality Manager or the relevant Operational Manager.

Privacy & Dignity

For information regarding the Trust's Privacy and Dignity Policy, please click here.


Trust policy on information governance and confidentiality can be found below:

Privacy & Dignity Policy

Data Protection & Confidentiality Policy

Last modified: 15/08/2017