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Update to Telephoning of Positive Microbiology Results from 20th June 2016

 Dear Microbiology Service User,

 I am writing to inform you of an upcoming change to the telephoning of positive results from Derby Teaching Hospitals Clinical Microbiology department.

 The department of microbiology currently telephones the following positive results to GP surgeries:

Campylobacter species

Salmonella species


Gonorrhoea species


Shigella species

Ecoli 0157

Group A streptococci

Cryptosporidium species

 Following a review of this service we have found that the results have already arrived via the electronic link and are available on your system.

 A decision has therefore been made to cease telephoning any positive results with effect from 20th June 2016.

 If there any concerns relating to this change please contact:

Rebecca Turner, Microbiology Manager on 01332 788219 or via rebecca.turner4@nhs.net


Kind regards

The Microbiology Team

Royal Derby Hospital

(Modified by AOM 05.07.16)

Suspension of Yersinia serological testing

Serological testing for Yersinia has unfortunately had to be suspended by the PHE Colindale reference laboratory and there are no other reference laboratories that provide an accredited service, so this test is no longer available. If Yersinia entercolitica small intestine infection is clinically suspected please send a stool specifically requesting Yersinia culture with the relevant clinical information. If further clinical advice about investigation is required please contact the Duty Medical Microbiologist (dated 9 May 2016).



Suspension of Bartonella testing

Serological testing for Bartonella has unfortunately had to be suspended by the PHE Colindale reference laboratory. Whilst we are trying to explore alternatives, serum samples requesting Bartonella serological testing will be stored. If there is a urgent need to make a diagnosis e.g. in culture negative endocarditis, please discuss sending samples for PCR testing with the Duty Microbiologist (dated 20 July 2015).