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Specimen information

This section contains specific information about the range of tests carried out in microbiology. It includes procedures, collection details and any other specific information required to ensure that the samples are investigated in the most appropriate way.

Our sample rejection policy:

The laboratory's policy is to not process any samples that are:

  • Not labelled

  • Not labelled with sufficient patient identifiable information

  • Labelled with the wrong patient's details

  • Received with no test request

  • Received with inappropriate test requests especially where no clinical details are provided.

  • Received with no request form.  Please send one form per sample sent.

Further information:

For any non-urgent sample or testing queries please contact the generic microbiology email address:


For any queries or suggestions regarding the microbiology web pages:

Please contact ann-marie.o'meara@nhs.net

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Last modified: 19/05/2015