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Guidelines on contact with a rash illness in pregnancy


Infections (I°) which may present with a “rash” illness in pregnant females in the UK include:

  • Rubella

  • Parvovirus  B19

  • VZV

  • Measles

  • Enterovirus

  • IMN (EBV or CMV rarely)

  • Syphillis

  • Streptococcus           )           Not considered in this guidance as

  • Meningococcus         )           rash as specific and different guidelines/protocol

A range of other I° not endemic within the UK and need to be considered if thee is a history of recent travel to an endemic area (eg, Dengue).

At booking, the Midwife (MW) should:

  • Enquire if the patient has previously had chicken pox (CPox) or shingles. If not, make urgent contact if she either has contact with CPox or shingles or   develops CPox type vesicles.

  • inform her MW, GP or Obstetrician if she has “contact” in pregnancy with  someone who has a rash or if she develops rash in pregnancy. 

“Contact” – definition

Being in the same room (eg, house or classroom or 2-4 bed hospital bays for a period of 15 minutes or more or face to face contact.

When calling the Microbiologist, please state whether it is:

  • Significant contact or not

  • Period of gestation

  • Date of contact

  • Description of rash on the index patient or diagnosis