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What is the location of the Mortuary?

The Mortuary is not signposted but can be located on level 0 opposite Radiotherapy at the 'Relatives Entrance'.

What services are offered by the Mortuary?

The Mortuary provides a respectful storage facility for patients that die in the hospital and community as well as a consented and legal post mortem service for the Trust and HM Coroner.  There is also a viewing facility for relatives and friends of the deceased to say their goodbyes. This is by appointment only. The Mortuary also provides an environment for tissue harvesting for transplant subject to consent.

What are the times of opening of the Mortuary?

The Mortuary is open between 08:00hrs - 16:30hrs.

Is there an out of hours service or shift system?

The Mortuary has an out of hours on-call facility. If there are any enqiries the technician on call can be contacted at home via switchboard.

Last modified: 01/08/2012