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Partnerships with primary care

Bringing hospital and community health professionals together is an important and necessary step in effectively responding to the challenging agenda faced by the NHS.

For many years we have demonstrated our commitment to partnership working. We are keen to work with local GPs to improve patient services.

Community respiratory, diabetes, epilepsy and tissue viability services, community midwifery, home dialysis and end of life care are all examples of services which are already managed or supported by the Trust in the community through a range of partnership models. Harnessing the expertise of primary and secondary care staff has led to the delivery of a range of comprehensive patient centred models of care. 

Working together with GPs and other community providers we are keen to explore how we can continue to develop clinical services for patients to better support them in their own homes, avoid unnecessary hospital attendances, reduce duplication wherever possible and, ultimately, to deliver the best care and a better healthcare experience for local people, for the best value.