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hand rehabilitation

Hand rehabilitation available at hospital

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Patients with hand and upper limb conditions can access group rehabilitation sessions at the Royal Derby Hospital. Sessions include an education class for patients suffering from wrist fractures and  a  workshop focussing on improving strength and dexterity. All classes take place in the Pulvertaft Hand Centre, which specialises in treating patients with severe hand injuries, and assessing musculoskeletal conditions such as carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome.

All physiotherapists and occupational therapists in the team are trained in the generic assessment and treatment of hand and upper limb conditions, and specialist therapists are able to create customised thermoplastic splints and pressure garments for individual patients. The service also provides therapy for osteoarthritis, with each patient given a tailored treatment programme.

Further information is available from http://www.pulvertafthandcentre.org.uk/default.asp?pageId=52.

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