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Changes to postnatal glucose testing

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Guidelines for postnatal glucose testing for women with gestational diabetes have been altered by NICE, and the Trust will be implementing these changes moving forwards.

NICE no longer recommend that evaluation should be via a glucose tolerance test, but instead recommend a fasting glucose and/or HbA1c.

The Trust proposes giving women forms for this test when the baby is brought for their second immunisation at 12 weeks. The result will be reviewed at four months post-partum and the mother will be contacted. If she has not attended for the test, she will be invited to do so at this point.

GP staff are asked to support this change by reminding women of the importance of attending for the test when they are reviewed in postnatal clinics.

All women with gestational diabetes are at risk of the condition developing, so regular screening is important even if their post-natal glucose is normal.

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