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What happens to my medicines when I leave hospital?

 After you have been told by the doctor that you can go home, the following needs to happen: 

  1. The doctor will write your discharge summary or ‘TTO’ (to take out).  This will include information about your stay for your GP, your current medication and any recommendations for your future care.

  2. The TTO will be checked by a member of the pharmacy/nursing team ensuring that you have at least two weeks supply of long term medicines available to you

  3. If you are short of medicines, these will be dispensed from the pharmacy.  If you have your own medicines, correctly labelled, this may help to speed up the process

  4. The medicines to take home will be delivered back to the ward

  5. A member of the healthcare team that have been looking after you will talk to you about your discharge medicines

  6. Any medicines that you brought into hospital will be returned to you as long as you are still being prescribed them.  Anything that has changed can be left at the hospital to be disposed of safely