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Patients Own Drugs (PODs)

Derby Hospitals encourages patients to bring in their own medicines from home when admitted to hospital.  Some of the benefits of bringing your medicines into hospital are:

  • Staff will have an understanding of the medicines you take and how they should be prescribed
  • You will not miss doses of your medicines when you come into hospital

  • We can make sure  that when you leave hospital, you have enough of your current medicines and do not have any medicines that you no longer need
  • The hospital pharmacy does not need to dispense more medicines

A pharmacist, pharmacy technician or nurse will check through your medicines.  To keep them safe, they will lock them either in a ward cupboard or in a patient’s own drug locker next to your bed.

When leaving hospital your medicines will be dispensed from the pharmacy.  If you have your own medicines, which are correctly labelled, this may help to speed up your discharge.