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Medicines Use Review (MUR)

If you are taking medicines for long term conditions you may benefit from a Medicines Use Review (MUR).  This is a FREE NHS service which usually takes place at your local community pharmacy (chemist).

 What is an MUR?

An MUR is an appointment with a pharmacist to focus on how you are getting on with your medicines.  The pharmacist you meet will have questions for you, and may suggest changes to your medicines.  You may also have concerns or questions that you want to ask such as any problems or side-effects you are experiencing or whether there is a more effective way of taking your medicines.

Who is it for?

This service is available to patients:

  • On medicines for long term conditions
  • Who are taking “high risk medicines”
  • Have been recently discharged from hospital with an amended medicines regimen 
  • Have respiratory disease

What are the benefits?

This appointment will:

  •  Help you to find out more information about the medicines you are taking
  • Pick up any problems you are having with your medicines
  • Improve the effectiveness of your medicines – there may be easier ways to take them, or you may find you need fewer medicines than before
  • Get better value for the NHS – making sure that your medicines are right for you prevents unnecessary waste       


What if I don’t have a regular community pharmacy?

This service is available at most community pharmacies; you don’t have to be using the pharmacy regularly to access the service.


How will patients be referred from the hospital?

‘Help for Harry’ is a service provided by the hospital.

We want to make sure you get maximum benefit from your medicines after discharge. Therefore we sometimes recommend a FREE follow up review with your usual community pharmacy.

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