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Our volunteers

"It enables me to brighten up the patient's day. I feel rewarded and privileged to be allowed to help patients in this way." 

We currently have 345 hospital volunteers at Derby Hospitals. The volunteers help patients and visitors in a range of ways and are quite often the first people you will meet when you arrive at hospital.

Most volunteers can be recognised as they wear a red tabard or tie and can be found in the follow locations:
  • Main entrances, to greet patients & visitors and help direct them to the right locations
  • Clinics, meeting and greeting, calling patients through to their consultation rooms and offering assistance to the Trust staff 
  • Rehabilitation gyms
  • Wards, helping patients. General ward volunteers are always on hand to help with the tea rounds
  • Shops


We have an excellent library and newspaper service which is run by volunteers and this ensures that every patient receives at least one visitor a day.

Could you be a hospital volunteer?

If the answer is yes, please telephone the voluntary service team. You don’t need prior experience of working in a hospital, and we’ll be more than happy to chat about what might be best for you.

Tel: 01332 786148

Email: dhft.volunteer@nhs.net

Volunteer’s comments

"It's the most useful way of spending a few spare hours; no two days are the same."
"It gives me the opportunity to meet and talk to people; I have met many people I have worked with in the past who, without volunteering, I would have not met again." 
"It enables me to brighten up the patient's day when they are at there lowest. I feel rewarded and privileged to be allowed to help with the patients in this way."