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Overseas visitors

NHS Hospital treatment is free to people who live in the United Kingdom. 
People visiting the United Kingdom or are not living here on a settled basis, may have to pay for their healthcare.  This is regardless of whether they are British citizens or have lived or worked here in the past or have been issued with an HC2 certificate.
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However there are exemptions which allow people who do not live in the UK to receive NHS treatment for free. For example refugees or full time students. Evidence would have to be provided to prove that they met the exemption criteria. For further information please refer to the Department of Health website as detailed below.

Some services are free to all; these include treatment given in the Accident and Emergency department, treatment for certain infectious diseases, compulsory psychiatric treatment and family planning.

Also, residents of countries which have reciprocal healthcare agreements with the United Kingdom may be eligible to some treatment free of charge.

Hospitals have a legal obligation to establish who is entitled to free NHS treatment. All patients that attend this hospital are asked questions regarding residency and may be asked to provide evidence to show that they have the right to live here.

If this hospital determines that they are not entitled to free NHS treatment, then charges will apply. This will include the full cost of all treatment we provide, including emergency treatment (other then that received in A & E), given by staff employed by this trust and of any prescribed medication even if they are in possession of an HC2 certificate.

People visiting the UK and are not covered by any of the exemption categories are strongly advised to ensure that they have adequate health insurance to cover the duration of their stay in the UK.

For further information please contact our Overseas Visitors team:

By telephone on 01332 786330 or email dhft.overseasvisitors@nhs.net

See the Department of Health website at www.dh.gov.uk/overseasvisitors for full details.