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Currently in Derbyshire there are more than 100 people waiting for an organ transplant which could save or transform their lives. Almost 70 people in the county have received a life-changing transplant in the past year, but sadly, some people are not so lucky. 

Here in Derby we do not perform transplant surgery, but we work very closely with families to support them through a decision made by a loved one to donate their organs after death. 

Over the last five years, 28 people have donated their organs after they have died, bringing new life to dozens of people, and giving the greatest gift it is possible to give. 

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How to sign the register

You can join the Organ Donation Register in a number of ways:  

More than 350,000 people in Derbyshire are currently signed up to the Organ Donor Register, which means they have expressed a wish for their organs to be used for other people if possible after they die.

But our Organ Donation Committee is working to increase that number, by raising awareness throughout the county. 

Dr Marco Giovannelli, Clinical Lead for Organ Donation, said: “Many people find the idea of discussing organ donation uncomfortable, but the fact is that having that discussion, and signing the organ donor register, could save a person’s life. I would urge everyone to consider joining the Organ Donor Register and discuss their decision with their family. That one step could provide another person with a new lease of life.”

Watch our film

Liz Docker lost her son Simon when
he was just nine years old. Here,
shetells us why the family made
the decision to donate his organs.

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Our Organ Donation Committee 

Our committee is formed of a variety of clinical and non-clinical specialists in organ donation. We have consultants, lead nurses, specially trained link nurses, and representatives from departments within the Trust, as well as transplant recipients, and family members of people who have donated their organs. 

Dr Marco Giovannelli – Intensive Care Unit Consultant and Clinical Lead

Sister Katie Fox – Senior Nurse for Organ Donation

Janet Watson – Lay Chair

Sister Sally Spencer – Lead Nurse, Intensive Care Unit

Kirit Mistry – Community Liaison Worker

Liz Docker – Donor family representative

Diana Higman – Transplant recipient

Dr Liz Burgess – Emergency Department Consultant

Louise Hunter – Lead Practitioner Theatres

Anne Bunting – Medical Secretary

Marisse Hargreaves – Chaplaincy representative

Amy Cooper – Renal Transplant Nurse representative

Karen Boussoa – End of Life Care Lead

Intensive Care Unit Link Nurses - Catherine Allsop, Jane Watterson, Claire Edwards, Georgina Langton, Kathryn Kibbs, Rachel Dobson

Community Volunteers

Working with our communities

Kirit Mistry is our Community Liaison Worker, whose role is to develop links with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities and encourage people from these backgrounds to consider organ donation. 

Nationally, around a third of people awaiting a transplant are from BAME communities, and yet the number of people from these communities who are on the Organ Donor Register is very low. As the ethnicity of the donor can dictate whether or not an organ can be matched to a recipient, this means that many people from BAME communities are kept waiting for their transplant. 

Kirit works with communities across Derby to address any religious or cultural concerns which may affect people’s decision to sign the register, and raise awareness of the importance of discussing organ donation, whatever your background. 

We also work with a group of community ambassadors, who work with their own communities to encourage people to discuss organ donation. Some of these ambassadors are transplant recipients or have family who have received transplants.