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Your medicines

Staff at the hospitals encourage reuse of medicines and will support you to take your own medicines while you are in hospital, rather than a nurse routinely giving them to you.

This is an opportunity to increase your knowledge about your medicines and how to take them, and will help you cope more easily with your medicines once you go home.

We encourage all patients to take part, where appropriate, but it is not compulsory. It is your choice if you do not want to self-administer your medicines – please tell the nurse looking after you.

As your needs change during your stay, it may become necessary for the nurse to take over administering your medicines for a short time. Wherever possible you will be involved in this decision.

A member of the nursing or pharmacy team will check the medicines you have brought in with you to make sure they are appropriate and no changes have been made by the doctor.

If any of your medicines are no longer suitable, following discussion with you, they may be destroyed or we may advise that they are sent home with a relative or friend.

Please let your doctor, nurse or a member of the pharmacy team see ALLof the medications you have with you including any medicines brought in from home at any time during your stay.

Once we have confirmed that you are able to self-administer your medicines, we will provide you with a medicines information card, which should be completed either by you or a member of staff and checked against your prescription chart. This card will be kept by you and should be referred to when you self-administer your medicines.