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Using mobile phones

Mobile phones can be used in most areas of the hospital. Please be discreet and considerate to other patients and staff.

If you would like to speak to your family/loved ones, or would like them to contact you directly, we recommend that you use the telephone at your bedside.

In certain areas mobile phones should not be switched on as they may interfere with vital monitoring equipment. These areas are clearly identified by signage. Some monitoring equipment is mobile and if it is being used close by, you may be asked to switch your phone off temporarily.

Trust Policy for the use of mobile devices by patients 


In order to protect and respect the safety, privacy, dignity or confidentiality of all staff, patients and visitors, patients and visitors are asked to follow these guidelines:

  • The use of personal mobile devices is prohibited in ‘high risk areas’ eg. where their use may interfere with medical devices.
  • Where the use of personal mobile devices may be permitted, patients and visitors must be mindful of the moderation of tone, volume, language or content displayed and if requested by a member of staff, refrain from using if behaviour is deemed in breach of the safety, privacy, dignity or confidentiality of staff, other patients or visitors.
  • For fire safety reasons, the charging of personal mobile devices is only permitted on Trust premises between the hours of 0800hrs and 2000hrs. 
  • Patients and visitors personal mobile devices are their own responsibility whilst on Trust premises.