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Involvement opportunities

One of the key principles of your NHS Foundation Trust is that we operate for the benefit of our members, and by becoming a member of Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust this enable you to make a real difference to the way in which the Trust operates. You have the option of getting involved with issues that interest you, and you can help us plan improvements to our services and facilities.

The following are opportunities for members to become more involved in the development of healthcare for the future. Have you got something to offer?

Readers panel

A general readers panel was established by the Trust and local Primary Care Trusts (PCT) to read and critique information produced by these organisations for patients and the public. The panel were asked to for comments on the information, such as, did it make sense and was it in plain English. The readers panel proved to be a great success and it was decided that the Trust and the PCTs would establish their own panels.

The Trust is now recruiting more members for its panel. We currently have 120 members but many more are required and there's no limit - the more readers who join the panel the better.

You can select the information you wish to receive, either general or condition specific information, or both. We are also looking for people who have gone through a particular procedure or operation to check that the information in the letters or leaflets is appropriate. You may have experienced something completely different!

When joining the readers panel you can indicate which area you'd like to be involved in and your details will be added to the relevant database. It's up to you how involved you want to be and you can say how much information you are willing to receive.

Reading through the documents will take approximately an hour of your time, as the majority of information is A4 size leaflets. However some larger documents could be sent to you, for example if the Trust were changing the visitor and patient welcome pack. If you don't want to receive information on a particular area or condition this will be noted on the database.

We're looking for staff and public members to be involved and if you're interested telephone the Patient Experience Team on 01332 788325  for more details.

Voluntary services

Becoming a volunteer is simple and easy. Firstly, decide what spare time you have and how much you can commit each week to help. Then decide which hospital site you would prefer to do your volunteering (either the London Road Community Hospital, the Royal Derby Hospital or the Derbyshire Children's Hospital), and simply phone our voluntary services department and arrange to have a chat.

Hospital volunteers are ordinary people, with or without a profession, over the age of 18 and with no upper age limit, male or female from any background, nationality or race. You do need to be fairly fit and speak English. The important thing is that you care about people and that you have some time to help others.

Training will be given, and you'll attend an induction programme - you are supported in everything you do. You may decide you would prefer to work in certain areas, e.g. on wards or in outpatient departments, or doing certain jobs such as taking samples to the laboratory, escorting patients, befriending or making drinks, ward newspaper round and patient library service.

As a hospital volunteer you'll gain personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Learning about healthcare issues, such as providing care to a diverse community, could even help you to decide your career path. Expenses will be reimbursed for travelling and car-parking provisions will be provided if required, and your uniform will be provided by the Trust. In return we ask for a minimum of four hours a week of your time.

We are also looking for volunteers who may not have the time to contribute a set number of hours each week, but would like to be available on an ad hoc basis. In addition to covering absences, there would be opportunities to take part in patient surveys concerning Trust Services.

Volunteers are highly valued by patients, staff and the Trust and they really make a difference to a patient's experience of being in hospital. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the trust, you can telephone or e-mail the voluntary services department and have a chat with one of our friendly staff, who will be happy to discuss volunteering opportunities within the Trust.

Further information is also available in our online booklet "Could you be a Hospital Volunteer". (Hard copy versions also available, on request), via the link on the the Derby Teaching Hospitals website.

The voluntary services department can be contacted as follows: Royal Derby Hospital /Childrens Hospital site - 01332 786148 or email  dhft.volunteer@nhs.net


Volunteer Patients Needed 

The Trust is looking for willing helpers to assist our medical students in becoming good doctors. Medical student education includes patient based teaching and examinations away from the hospital wards and in order to deliver this teaching we need more volunteer patients. Can you help? Are you prepared to tell students about your experiences?

Some examinations may be carried out and these include checking your blood pressure and pulse, listening to your chest/heart, examining your eyes/ears and testing reflexes, plus an examination of a relevant area. For example, if you have an enlarged liver your abdomen will be examined.  

Your commitment as a volunteer patient can vary from an hour session to all day if students have exams - it's up to you how involved you wish to be.

We need people with a wide range of conditions or illnesses (and even people with no clinical symptoms).  For further information please click on the link below or phone 01332 789254 to speak to the Volunteer Patient Co-ordinator.  Alternatively you can email DHFT.UGpatients@nhs.net