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Governors for Amber Valley


There are 4 seats on the Council of Governors for Amber Valley.

All governors can be contacted by calling 01332 785440 or by writing to your governor c/o The Membership Office, Trust Headquarters, Level 5, Royal Derby Hospital, Uttoxeter Road, Derby, DE22 3NE

Below are the Amber Valley Governors

Maura Teager
Maura Teager

I would value the opportunity to represent my local community. I have 45 years’ experience in the NHS across Derbyshire including Primary Care, Hospital, and Mental Health. 

I remain passionate about getting the care right for patients and families and have a track record of challenging the status quo, scrutinising services and engaging with others to understand the critical challenges faced in maintaining patient safety and public confidence whilst continuously improving the quality of services. 

 My family and I have experienced health care locally and whilst acknowledging what is good there are areas that could be strengthened and improved.

Mr Paul Garrud
Paul Garrud

I have seen the way our hospitals work from many points of view; a new dad, a concerned husband,an anxious patient being investigated, a friend getting home after rehabilitation, a child working here and  as a partner in the training of doctors (I work for the medical school). Most of the time the care and quality of what the Trust does is exemplary, but sometimes it falls short. As a Governor I would use my experience to help the hospital do even better, giving people in Amber Valley the healthcare we need in the ways we find works best. 

Photo of Jenny Ireland

Jenny Ireland

As a passionate supporter and defender of the NHS, I am keen to promote and protect patient services in Derbyshire, whilst accepting that some services could be improved.  I wish to represent the views of patients in Amber Valley, to ensure that their needs are met in the best way possible.  I am a good listener and able to represent other people’s views.  I understand financial matters and I care about people, particularly the most vulnerable. I am a volunteer in the Nightingale Macmillan unit of the Royal Derby Hospital, helping in the Day Unit and supporting on the ward. 

Andrew Loades
Andrew Loades

I have seen several friends receive first class treatment, delivered with care and compassion in this hospital. As with all parts of the NHS, the Trust is under pressure from continually increasing demand, whilst operating within a constrained budget. The hospital staff is vital to the way it works, so I am always looking to see the staff are well trained and feel valued. My work experience of over 38 years in the pharmaceutical industry has given me an excellent understanding of how the NHS functions, as well as a good knowledge of many clinical conditions. My vision is for the people of Amber Valley to experience healthcare provided in line with the best in the UK.