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and help us to learn from excellence

When you observe excellence anywhere in our Trust by any team or individual we want to know.   

Safety in healthcare usually focuses on avoiding harm by learning from error. This misses opportunities to learn from good practice. Excellence in healthcare is everywhere; we believe that capturing excellence creates opportunities for learning and can improve our resilience and morale.    

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Please do not include any Patient Identifiable Information on the Greatix.

We will contact the person or team you have nominated to tell them their good work has been celebrated and to discuss what we can learn, both individually and as an organisation. 

Pride of Derby
Are there other ways to celebrate staff?

For staff that have gone the extra mile please visit our Pride of Derby page by clicking HERE.

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Why a Greatix and not a Datix?

We use the Datix system to report clinical and non clinical incidents. Visit Flo (staff intranet) for more details.