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PLSU Mission Statement

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‘The PLSU team at Derby Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust will be committed to ensuring both the quantity quality of student clinical placements for all commissioned health professions to create a student workforce fit for future practice. With our passion for staff and student development, education and training , we invest in their personal growth to ensure compassionate and knowledgeable professionals who uphold the values of the NHS, Trust and the 6c’s.

We will work alongside educators and students across all divisions to provide a high level of support to enhance the practice learning experience and patient safety We will utilise effective partnerships with our commissioners, Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) and Trusts, to provide and report all student activity to deliver outstanding student placements and meet capacity demands. Our Practice Placement Facilitators (PPFs) will be instrumental in co-ordinating capacity and organising student placements along with promoting mentor/educator meetings and training.

We will have effective relationships with local HEI’s to be instrumental in influencing curriculum design and the recruitment of students to ensure continued fitness for purpose and practice of professionals. We promote inter professional ways of working and embrace innovative practice opportunities and new ideas .

We will value everyone’s contribution to the ‘student journey’.