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Inter Professional Student Forum


DTHFT student forums started in Dec 2013, these were separate Physio and OT sessions open to all the students who happened to be on placement at the time, whatever HEI or year of study.  These forums have since been added to by introducing Inter Professional sessions involving up to 10 different professions, with the general premise of knowledge sharing and patient care remaining at the centre of their terms of reference.

These sessions have a structure, however are open to change and review dependant on the students who are in attendance and the direction they take the discussions.  For more information on this or any of the student forums or to book a place on upcoming sessions then please contact dhft.ppf@nhs.net

(Please note that places are limited due to room capacity - so please ensure you email to book on prior to the session)

Upcoming dates:

 TBA for 2018- contact PLSU for details

All the above will take place in the Training Centre, Level 3, Rehab Block, Royal Derby Hospital

Inter professional student forums - 20/06/2016 and 30/06/206

This time we attempted to increase the availability of forums for students and reduce the impact on rooms by having two forums in June.  The Forum's brought 42 students together from 6 different professions and wide ranging different placement localities to once again share and combine their experience, knowledge and skills to create optimum patient care.  In attendance for the first time were pharmacy students, many thanks for the important contribution to the session and here's hoping that they continue to attend and help give another dimension to the discussions.  The 6C's were embedded throughout discussions and from these pledges about there placements and professions and care were made.

We pledge to.....

 ........To communicate effectively with all service users demonstrating competence and understanding of our role. Whilst providing compassionate and dignified care.

.........Utilise our communication skills to interact with patients and other HCPs. Overcome the barrier to communicate with disabled patients or patients with mental health problems

.........Self-reflect on our care and compassion

Previous group pledges

........work together, respect each other, input to patient care and always implement the 6C's

........student = Safety, Teamwork, Understanding, Dignity, Equality, No harm, Trust

........look at the bigger picture

........communicate effectively in order to enhance the patient experience

........communicate effectively within the MDT, treat everyone with respect because of different input and skills; and treat every patient holistically with respect and dignity.

........communicate now. communicate the future

.........create more "moments" with other professions to discuss patients and create links to provide a seamless service and better overall patient experience