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Hints and tips for a good placement


Please keep using this site to find out key bits of information and resources for all students who are on placement within DTHFT.

We hope you have an enjoyable time whilst out on placement at Derby Teaching Hospitals, we would appreciate your feedback to ensure we can continue to develop.

Placements can sometimes be daunting and a rollacoster of various emotions. We have tried, together with educators/mentors and past students to put together advice, hints and tips to ensure you get the best possble outcome from your placement experience

What Mentors/Educators expect from you (the student)

You are adult learners!!!!!

  • Be prepared - have insight into the placement area and try and ensure some reading around that speciality/area.

  • Use your initiative to undertake tasks that do not require clinical knowledge throughout your placement, e.g. Answer phone, collecting patients.

  • Make the most of the learning opportunities available.

  • Show an interest in the placement area (even if you may not be!).

  • Adherence to Trust Policies & Procedures i.e. piercing, uniform etc.

  • Confidentiality - respect patient and staff (Refer to Information Governance policies.

  • Professionalism - remember you are representing your profession, your university and as far as patients are concerned the Trust.

  • Acknowledge your responsibility working towards professional accountability.

  • Always introduce yourself

          –Hello my name is…….

  •  Work within your competence and professional boundaries


           –Always ask for help

  • Don’t keep your ideas to yourself! Challenge practice and bring in your up to date knowledge and theory (however see above..remain professional!).

  • Be involved - even on shorter placements you are still a valued member of the team.

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