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Volunteer patients

We are looking for willing helpers to assist our medical students in becoming good doctors.  Medical student education includes patient based teaching and examinations away from the hospital wards.  

Teaching sessions take place most week days, with some sessions lasting from one to two hours to longer sessions lasting a morning or an afternoon.

Each volunteer patient is well looked after and provided with refreshments, they also receive a small honorarium as a thank you for helping.  We can provide a free taxi to collect you for the teaching session and return you home again if you are not coming by your own transport.

Volunteer patient information remains strictly confidential at all times and the privacy and dignity of each individual is maintained.  There is always a nurse or helper available for those who may require assistance.

We need people with a wide range of conditions or illnesses (and even people with no clinical symptoms).  For further information please click on the Volunteer Patient leaflet below or phone 01332 789254.

volunteer patient

Volunteer Patient Co-ordinator                               
Undergraduate Office
Medical Education
Education Centre
Royal Derby Hospital
Uttoxeter Road
DE22 3NE

Email: DHFT.UGpatients@nhs.net
Tel. 01332 789254

Click here to register to be a Volunteer Patient