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Medical students studying in Derby have General Practice (GP) attachments throughout their course.  In their pre-clinical time at the Graduate Entry Medical (GEM) School, they are allocated to a GP practice which they then visit for 10 half-day sessions over 18 months. During this time, they will also undertake an in-depth study of one patient or family with a chronic condition or disease.

When the students move into the clinical phase of their training, they undertake GP attachments as follows:

Clinical Phase 1 (CP1):  A one week attachment in practice

Clinical Phase 2 (CP2):  Half day attachments when on their paediatric and obstetric/gynaecology placements.

Clinical Phase 3 (CP3):  A four week attachment in practice.

The Undergraduate Office is involved in organising and facilitating all these attachments. We provide support to the GP Tutors in a variety of ways, including:

  • Tutor evenings are run each term, where GPs teaching medical students in practice can come for an information/updating session. 
  • Practices are supplied with written guidance on the objectives which students have to achieve on each attachment.
  • Resource materials are available to support them in teaching as appropriate.