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Resuscitation and Clinical Skills Department

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Patients and visitors to the hospital have an expectation to be provided with an effective resuscitation service in the event that they or their relative suffer a cardiac or respiratory arrest. The Resuscitation Service is in place to provide a clinical and educational service to the Trust employees to ensure this expectation is being met.

Resuscitation and Clinical Skills Trainers provide the service within the Trust; they are all senior healthcare professionals with a specialist interest in resuscitation procedures for adult and paediatric patients.

Their roles are both clinical and educational, requiring them to attend resuscitation events to provide clinical assistance and guidance. They also manage an audit process of all events where the Resuscitation Team has been called out within the Trust.

A large portion of the Resuscitation and Clinical Skills Trainers time is taken up by the education of clinical staff in resuscitation techniques, ranging from the recognition and prevention of cardiac arrest and basic Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to advanced life support techniques. This training is provided within the Clinical Skills Department, level 4 of the Education Building. Resuscitation training is provided in association with the Resuscitation Council (UK) & Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG)

David Jones               
Resuscitation and Clinical Skills Manager