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Exception Reporting

The Guardian of Safe Working Hours is responsible for protecting the safeguards outlined in the 2016 Terms and Conditions of Service for doctors and dentists in training.

The role of the Guardian is to ensure that issues of compliance with safe working hours are addressed, as they arise, and provide assurance to the Trust board that doctors' working hours are safe.

The Guardian of Safe Working Hours for the Trust is Professor John Alcolado.

Please refer to Key Contacts page for contact details.

Exception reporting is the mechanism used by Junior Doctors to inform the employer when their day-to-day work varies significantly and/or regularly from the agreed work schedule.

Primarily these variations will be:

a. Differences in the total hours of work (including opportunities for rest breaks)

b. Differences in the pattern of hours worked (the pattern is the hours/shift identified on your personalised rota e.g 0900-1700. Therefore this option would be selected if your rostered shift was changed without your consent)

c. Differences in the educational opportunities and support available to the Junior Doctor,


d. Differences in the support available to the Junior Doctor during service commitments.

Exception reports allow the employer the opportunity to address issues as they arise, and to make timely adjustments to work schedules.

Exception reports must include:

a. The name, specialty and grade of the Junior Doctor involved

b. The identity of the educational supervisor

c. The dates, times and durations of exceptions

d. The nature of the variance from the work schedule, and

e. An outline of the steps the doctor has taken to resolve matters before escalation (if any). 

Further information available via Trust intranet page or Medical Workforce Advisor, please refer to Key Contacts page for contact details.