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Your views matter - the friends and family test

What is the 'friends and family' test?

It is an NHS-wide scheme aimed at improving patient care. 

It involves asking patients who have stayed with us in hospital one simple question: "Would you recommend our hospital ward to your family or friends based on your recent experience?"

At Derby Teaching Hospitals we have been asking our inpatients this question since April 2012. However, since April 2013 this scheme was extended and all NHS organisations now try to give all their patients from all areas, the opportunity to respond to this question.

Publishing the responses to the 'friends and family' test will allow members the public to compare healthcare services and clearly see which hospitals are providing the best care - in the eyes of patients.

The Department of Health has stated:

"In every hospital, patients are going to be able to answer a simple question, whether they'd want a friend or relative to be treated there in their hour of need. By making those answers public we're going to give everyone a really clear idea of where to get the best care – and drive other hospitals to raise their game."

Who can take the 'friends and family test?

 As advised above, all Patients are now asked to complete a quick feedback card before they are discharged including In-patients, Outpatients, Maternity service users, Day case patients and patients attending wither the adult or children's Emergency Department. 

I have not stayed on a ward or attended an outpatients appointment, but would still like to give feedback?

The 'friends and family' test is only one of the ways patients can give feedback, if you have not stayed on one of our wards but would still like to give feedback please choose one of the following options:

Complete an online feedback form - click here

Contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Team

Nominate a member of staff for a Pride of Derby Award