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Cancel or change your outpatient clinic appointment

This page gives you instructions on how to submit and email to cancel or change an appointment.

Contacting the Trust using the information below is for cancelling or changing your appointment at the Royal Derby Hospital and London Road Community Hospitals ONLY.

You can submit an email for your own appointment OR on behalf of someone else (e.g. a child or next of kin, carer or advocate).

All the information you require is available on your appointment card or letter.

If you wish to cancel more than one appointment on the same day you will need to submit a separate email for each appointment.

Please be aware that if you cancel your appointment twice, we may discharge you back to your GP. 

If you have a general query regarding your appointment or you need to cancel / change your appointment as a matter of urgency, it is recommended that you phone the relevant department to speak to them directly.

The department telephone number will be located on your appointment letter or appointment card.  

Do not submit an email if:  

  1. Your appointment was booked electronically through the NHS e-Referral Service (instead call e-Referral Service Appointments Line on 0345 60 88 88 8. Opening hours are: Weekdays 8am to 8pm; Weekend and Bank holidays 8am to 4pm (closed on Christmas Day). Or you can cancel online throughe-Referral Serviceif you have your Booking reference and Password, provided by your GP)
  2. Your appointment is within theNEXT 48 HOURS
  3. You have an appointment for an X-ray, CT, MRI or Ultrasound
  4. You have an appointment in Maternity or Obstetric Outpatient or Ultrasound
  5. You have a Palliative Medicine or Chemotherapy appointment

If your appointment applies to options 2 to 5 above you must contact the relevant department directly. If you submit this email for any of the option 2-5 your request will not be processed.

Please read the following statement before sending your email

  • I understand that ifI completely cancel this appointment and I later change my mind, I will need to return to see my GP for a new referral.
  • I understand that I need to cancel or rearrange my own hospital transport and this will not automatically be done for me.

Information we require you to include in your email. You may wish to copy the following text and paste it into your email.

Full Name:
Preferred contact details- please state number: 
Appointment date and time:

Reason for requesting to change or cancel this appointment:

Please send your email to: dhft.patientappointmentchanges@nhs.net