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We are committed to complying with the Disability Discrimination Act and have made significant improvements to our website in order to reduce the barriers experienced by people with disabilities.  

By following Government guidelines, it is our policy to create pages to W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Priority 2 level (Double A).

This website aims to conform to level AA of the W3C web content accessibility guidelines, including all priority 1 checkpoints defined in the guidelines. Conformance to these guidelines will help make the Web more accessible to users with disabilities and will benefit all users.

We are aware, however, that occasionally we do make mistakes. If you find any of our pages inaccessible please email dhft.communications@nhs.net. Please include details of the technology you are using and we will make every reasonable effort to either remove the barrier or provide the information in a format that you find acceptable. 

Text size

At any time while browsing the site you can alter the size of the text. At the top left of every page simple click on the A- to make text smaller or the A+ to make the text bigger. these button can be clicked several times to increase and decrease the text size accordingly.

Low graphics page

At the top left of every page simple click on the words 'Text only' to change the site into a low graphics version.

Access keys

You can change the settings of your browser to better suit your needs and use specially provided keyboard shortcuts in case you find it hard to use a mouse. This web site uses the UK Government access key system.

  • Alt S Skip navigation

  • Alt + 1 Home page

  • Alt + 3 Site map

  • Alt + 4 Search 

  • Alt + 8 Terms and conditions 

  • Alt + 0 Access keys information

Note: please keep in mind that there can be variations on how to enter the access keys depending on the browser your are using.

Firefox uses the combination Alt + Shift + Number

Windows press Alt + the relevant number/letter

Apple Mac press Crtl + the relevant number/letter

Downloadable documents

Where possible we try to provide downloadable documents in different formats including PDF and rich text format.

Most of the files made available on the site will be either Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF files. Free software is available to view all these via these links: Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF.

 If you have difficulties obtaining information from a PDF you can use Adobe's web-based conversion service to produce an HTML version.  However, please be aware that the standard of HTML produced is not very good.

 We appreciate that it is frustrating to be unable to access information.  Please bear with us whilst we continue to work on improving the accessibility of our site. 

If any downloadable document presents a barrier to accessing information, please contact us with details of the document in question, the problems encountered and what we could do to help.